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University of Alberta Libraries commissioned the development of school programming to encourage students to access the Sir Samuel Steele Collection. During a major exhibition in 2012, we offered free exhibition tours and a variety of unique and engaging programs that complement the current Alberta Social Studies curriculum for grades four through seven. Although the exhibition closed long ago, the teaching materials are still available below.

    • These programs feature:
    • – Lesson plans that match the Alberta Social Studies curriculum, developed in accordance with the latest research and Historical Thinking Concepts.
  • – Rich primary sources available online for teachers and students to support inquiry-based learning in a student-friendly format.
    1. The curriculum materials were developed according to the following themes:
    1. – Steele’s role played in the settlement of Alberta.
    1. – Steele’s career in the RCMP and his key role in maintaining law and order in the Canadian West.
    1. – Steele’s participation in the expansion of Canada, especially his experiences during the Red River Expedition and the March West.
    1. – The significant role that Steele played in the Yukon and in World War I.
  1. – Steele’s relationship with his wife, two daughters, and son.

Modules – click to download