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The University of Alberta Libraries, a major repository of Canadiana, have long embraced a mandate to collect and preserve books and manuscripts related to the Prairie Provinces. The repatriation of the Sir Samuel Benfield Steele Collection provides a major enhancement of our resources, and will serve to enrich the Canadian historical tapestry. As its stewards, we are committed not only to its preservation, but to making it accessible through the internet, to the greatest possible audience, both to maximize the value of the investment, as well as to promote study and awareness of western Canada’s colourful history.


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Terms of Use – Copyright

Certain titles may be listed in the database, but the contents of those works may be unavailable on the website, where the University of Alberta does not have authority to display that material or we have otherwise been unable to digitize them. Further, the University of Alberta’s entitlement to display the digitized materials appearing on the website does not allow reproduction of material from the website without the specific permission of Bruce Peel Special Collections Library. Upon contact with our library, specific citation instructions will be provided.

Where copyright in the material has expired the content is in the public domain and free to use without permission. In no way do these terms of use restrict a user’s fair dealing rights.

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Users of the Steele site are encouraged to contact the University of Alberta Library if they hold copyright on title(s) cited in the database but not displayed on the website and are prepared to provide permission to place the materials on the site.

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