Sam Steele was a keen observer of his surroundings, and he left a detailed record of his life, on patrol and on campaign, in thousands of pages of letters, official documents, and photographs. The Steele Collection is comprised not only of the papers of Sam Steele (1848–1919), but also those of his wife, Marie Harwood Steele (1859–1951), their children Flora (1891–1948), Gertrude (1895–1963), and Harwood (1897–1978), and of fellow Mountie and founder of the Legion of Frontiersman, Roger Pocock (1865–1941).

The University of Alberta Libraries is a major repository for Canadiana, and has long embraced a mandate to collect and preserve books and archival materials related to the Prairie Provinces. The Steele Collection was brought home to Canada in 2008 to enhance library resources and enrich the Canadian historical tapestry. Since that time, portions of the collection have been displayed in several exhibitions, discussed in numerous articles, and studied by a large number of school children and university students.”Find information about the authoritative new biography of Sam Steele by Rod Macleod, Professor Emeritus in U of A’s Department of History and Classics here.

A small sampling of the materials in this very large collection have been digitized for easy access, including letters, diaries, photographs, family scrapbooks, and a variety of printed ephemera. Researchers can search the print collection using the digital finding aid. These digital resources are available to researchers thanks to the hard work of many people over many years, especially former Steele Archivist Lynn McPherson.